The dedicated attorneys of Kahana Feld present a formidable group of skilled legal practitioners respected in this field. Their skills are directed at achieving a successful outcome for its clients and insurance carriers. Kahana Feld attorneys provide their transportation industry clients and insurers with sound, reasoned, and aggressive defense capabilities woven with their years of litigation experience.

Our attorneys call upon our knowledge of state and federal laws to handle catastrophic injury cases and complex multiple vehicle accidents involving people and property. We take a realistic approach with each client in mind when determining whether the evidence supports an early resolution or warrants vigorous defense. Our coordinated involvement with the initial investigation of major accidents preserves evidence, memorializes mitigating factors, and can help differentiate between admitting liability or obtaining a defense verdict. If necessary, we aggressively litigate matters to obtain final resolution by means of summary judgment, trial, or shrewd settlement negotiations. With a multi-state network of expert witnesses, we can address any issue a complex case may involve.

In order to stay up to date on legal developments in this field, our attorneys participate in and are members of multiple local, state, and national bar associations, as well as the prestigious Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA).

Recently resolved and ongoing matters:

  • Multiple vehicle accident involving five parties each represented by separate counsel. Resolved through a successful Motion for Summary Judgment
  • Injured driver and related family with young child in a chain reaction rear end collision. Settled for far less than alleged medicals.
  • Wrongful Death matter utilizing accident reconstruction experts to create sound defense.
  • Negotiated resolution to multiple Subrogation matters

Dynamic Claims Administrative Services, LLC
OneSource Claims Management Solutions, LLC
J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.
Zeal Carriers LLC
Tradex Logisitcs, Inc.
Road Eagle Logistics Corp.
XTrade, Inc.
Royal Express, Inc.
Maximo Transportation, LLC
UP Trucking Services, Inc.
Expasa Trucking, Inc.
P&P Trucking, LLC
Santoyo Transport SA, LLC
PA Logistics, Inc.
Atmich Transport LLC
Expasa Trucking, Inc.
Quantum Carrier, Inc.
Toro’s Transport, LLC
Black Eagle Trucking, Inc.
USMEX Trucking, Inc.
M&J Carriers, LLC
J. Russell Shaffer Distribution, Inc.
AC Trade & Logistics, LLC
LC Transportation, LLC
Cal State Transportation, LLC
L&L Freight LLC
MCE Ocean Freight, Inc.
JIT Express Logistics, Inc.
Blue Nation Logistics, Inc.
CA Transfer, Inc.
DN Transportation, Inc.

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