Over 10 years after opening, and nearly 5 years since litigation began over sinking and tilting of the building, San Francisco’s Millennium Tower is about to undergo repairs. In 2009 the Millennium Tower opened as the tallest residential structure in San Francisco, measuring at 58 stories (645 feet). After years of litigation over a sinking and settling that measured more than 17 inches by 2020, the San Francisco Superior Court approved a settlement agreement on August 7, 2020.  Kahana Feld summarized these events in an earlier post, here.

The agreement provides for $100 Million alternation designed to prop up the sinking and tilting building, which will be paid as part of an insurance settlement. The upgrade includes drilling 52 foundation piles from the basement of the building into the bedrock. Additionally, there are significant financial payments to the 400 residents, including 250 individual suits and a class action of 150 plaintiffs.

Construction is expected to begin in November and take two years to complete.