Kahana Feld is proud to announce the launch of its Financial Services Litigation Practice Group. The firm has represented businesses in the financial services sector for many years, and has a number of attorneys that focus their practice on this area. Forming a formal practice group will help to better coordinate and promote this expertise.

The practice group, which will focus on debt collection, creditor’s rights, and issues in bankruptcy, as well as other matters specific to the financial services industry, is led by Yaron Shaham, Esq., a Partner in the firm’s Irvine, California office and chair of the practice group.

“Expanding our practice to include a specific focus on financial services litigation is a natural extension for Kahana Feld,” said Shaham. “The firm’s business litigation team already employs a number of attorneys with extensive experience in the financial services sector.  Additionally, we currently provide these services to a significant number of the firm’s clients.”

“By formally launching this practice group, we will be able to provide a comprehensive line of services to creditors and other financial services industry clients,” added Amir M. Kahana, Esq., Managing Partner of Kahana Feld. “With litigation in the financial services sector increasing, there is a growing need for experienced and capable attorneys to represent financial services companies facing an onslaught of litigation.”

The Financial Services Litigation Practice Group advises clients on matters related to:

  • Breach of Contract Litigation
  • Creditor’s Rights and Bankruptcy
  • Lien Enforcement
  • Foreclosure Litigation
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • UCC Priority and Related Disputes
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures
  • Bank Operations

Members of the practice group include:

  • Yaron Shaham, Esq., Chair of the practice group and a Partner with over 15 years experience representing mortgage lenders, financial services providers and banking institutions;
  • Amir M. Kahana, Esq., the firm’s Managing Partner, whose experience includes representing financial services companies in class action litigation and providing regulatory advice;
  • Samuel Yu, Esq., a Partner with extensive experience collecting judgements for domestic and international clients; and,
  • Alexa Stephenson, Esq., an attorney with experience handling bankruptcy, collection, and other litigation matters for private money lenders, loan servicers, foreclosure trustees, and others in the lending industry.